Remembering Alice


In Memoriam

Alice Majuma Wanyama Wotia

September 30, 1977 – December 14,2015

With great sadness in our hearts we mourn the sudden passing on of our dear Alice. As the President and founding member of OWI-Kenya Alice led the chapter from its conception to a vibrant entity establishing good working relationships with the orphans, their guardians, the Pastors’ Fellowship, her staff, the local governance and the Children’s Department as well as the Chamber of Commerce, where she acted as an officer. Well done, our dear sister! Alice is survived by her beloved husband and two sweet children.

We are proud of her for finishing her task on earth honoring her Savior Jesus Christ with everything she had. We thank God for her life. – Let this be our reminder that whether we are sick or well, our time to go home can come at any moment, we do not know the day or the hour. Alice will be laid to rest at the OWI property on Tuesday, December 22. – Marjaana Seilonen, the OWI-US President, will travel to Kenya for the funeral to represent the multitude of people here in the U.S. whom Alice has touched, to honor her life, to support the family and also the OWI Kenyan Board in this very difficult time.

Greetings from Kenya!

Our team of 2015

Our team of 2015

Yes, we have returned from Kenya tired, yet happy about the successful mission of 2015. The orphans’ Birthday Party was great … the best party ever! The ground staff did a super job in organizing this fabulous event, which took place on the firm foundation of the future multipurpose health and education center. The children sang and the guardian’s choir performed, and we all danced … a LOT!!! It was heartwarming to see the social workers and staff having so much fun together with the children and the guardians.

The older girls led the children's choir

The older girls led the children’s choir

Another aspect that we greatly enjoyed was to have our past graduates there to give their testimonies and updates about their lives. They called themselves first-borns and second-borns of OWI:-) It was so encouraging to hear and see them standing on their feet and doing so well now. We are proud of our kids!

A big meal was prepared by the guardians and enjoyed by everyone present. A birthday cake with sodas crowned the party. Our orphans were happy to receive their new good quality backpacks filled with school supplies, toiletries and some sweets, which we purchased while there.

The mobile medical clinics treated 675 patients and all our orphans and their guardian families received their annual check-ups as well. Everyone’s input was much appreciated including the laypeople’s help in pharmacy operations with the tedious counting of pills in dosage envelopes. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the hard-working team!

We had a day for a Health Education Seminar, whose topics included first aid, nutrition and natural remedies. The class was interactive with lots of questions and answers. Also, at the end of the day there was a fun quiz contest with prizes to check the understanding of the taught material.

Washable Menstrual Pad sewing class was a great success as well thanks to Mary Escamilla’s efforts to do such a thorough job in teaching! The attendees were enthusiastic about this project and very much appreciated learning how to make these kits complete with pads, pad holders, underwear, soap plastic bags and the carry bag.

Washable Menstrual Pad sewing class with Mary

Washable Menstrual Pad sewing class with Mary

The Women’s Conference was awesome with the full church! There was a lot of praise in God’s grace and goodness, on how far we have come individually as well as women and as an organization. It is only by God’s grace and blessing that we could celebrate the way we did in unity. The word of God was powerfully shared by Belinda Rowe. To God be the glory!

We also met with the Pastors’ Fellowship of 32 pastors and were encouraged to learn about the various initiatives presented to them in furthering their spiritual knowledge and training along with sustaining their small churches and communities. We always try to make time to meet with our pastors, as they are the advisory board of our organization.

Big news!!! There is a documentary movie on OWI in the works! One of our travel team members, Harvey Kertland, came on the trip with fancy film equipment and was busy taking a lot of footage for this movie. This is an answer to our prayers of many years, and as the Lord has it, His answers come in His perfect timing. We are thrilled and are so looking forward to the release of this movie. Of course, let’s be patient, as it will take a lot of work to do the editing and all the fine-tuning. But, it is coming, so stay tuned for the big release probably early next year.

We thank our Lord for the safe journey and many blessings He has given us! Also, we are so very grateful to you, the sponsors, for your continuous support of these orphans, their education and health! You are giving hope and making a difference!




Our Trip to Kenya is almost here!

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender

The team of eight will be in Kenya in just a short while departing on October 6. Preparations are in high gear including packing lots of medicines that we will be taking with us for the medical camps that we will be part of. Pictured Marjaana, Kathleen and Julie on the job. Our orphans will get their annual physicals and public medical camps will be held in several communities.Thank you all who have contributed Birthday cards and finances to help cover the cost of the Big Birthday Party for the kids and their guardian families!

We will also have our annual empowering Women’s Conference to celebrate as sisters in Christ what God has done through OWI and in our lives. A Health Education Seminar will take place as the need for such a gathering  became quite evident last year. And a special washable menstrual pad kit sewing class will be taught as well.

When we do full day events like the above, it means that we will need to provide meals as there are no ‘fast food joints’ around. Please consider a donation toward the meals.

Above all, though, please keep us in your prayers for safety and health of our team and the staff on the ground and that all that we do will glorify our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you!

Alice from Kenya visiting the U.S.

Scot Shire & Luann & Alice Wotia from Kenya & Marjaana & Chuck M

This was a wonderful, activity packed trip for Alice, the OWI Kenya Chapter President and Managing Director, who visited us here in California for two weeks in June and then a third week up in Seattle with our dear friends there.

We kept Alice quite busy: She preached at Lifeline Community Fellowship, a predominantly Kenyan congregation, shared the Word of God on the phone prayer line on two nights, was a guest on the Christian Radio (FYI ministries on Power 102.1fm), made important connections at Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club, spoke at several functions and meetings, participated in some fundraising, attended a Women Empowering Women Conference and gave updates from the ground to our sponsors and board members. It was the most meaningfully involved and fruitful visit!

Alice also attended a pre-school and a HS graduations, a ballet recital, marveled the wonders of Sea World, hiked on the coastal areas, visited several old friends and made many new ones, and she learned about cheese and pets.

See the pictures in the Gallery!



Time to sign up for the US Bank OC Marathon 2015

IMG_4500Marathon date May 3, 2015

Help raise funds for the desperately needed

Multipurpose Health and Education Center!

The foundation is already built and now we need the walls, roof and the interior.

The urgency at hand is the dire need of a dispensary and a small clinic along with having a roof over our Orphan Program events and community education seminars etc. We have access to free medicines, but need a permanent set-up in order to receive the meds. People are dying due to the lack of meds right now, so let’s pull together and get this done!

For instructions on how to register and get involved, click here OC Marathon or tab on top of the page. Thank you!

Donate for the Cause here Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise

Computer learning

rabecca mbuyaP1030488christine kilandeAll our High School and Polytechnic graduates, six in total, took a basic computer skills course in December at the OWI Cyber Café.  The final results of the national exam and diplomas have not come yet, so studying computer use has been a productive time spent.

P1030499 P1030552

New Uniforms for 2015

All our primary students received their new school uniforms at the Christmas Party in December. The new school year was supposed to start on January 5, but was delayed about two weeks due to the teachers’ strike.



Our Graduates hiking up Mt. Elgon

Up they went, the very first time in their lives on a hike and on a very first visit to Mt. Elgon National Park about an hour and a half drive from Kiminini. A vehicle was rented, picnic lunch packed and spirits ran high in joyous anticipation. The student group consisted of our HS and Polytechnic graduates, whose school year ended in December. This was the very first visit also for our social workers.

This park ranger led tour included a visit to an elephant cave, waterfall and a challenging climb to the peak, where amazing views of the region spread out beneath. The students also saw various wildlife including bush bucks, antelopes among others.

It was a fabulous field trip made possible by our sponsors.


More pictures in the Gallery.

OWI 10th Anniversary Gala

DSCN2031 - CopyDSCN2069DSCN2024 - CopyWhat a successful and well-attended event we had at the Mission Viejo Country Club! The event featured a silent auction, video greetings from Kenya, a review of OWI through the first decade and the status of the current needs.  A delicious dinner was served followed by dancing. Music was brought to us by a DJ and a professional  photographer was on site to take portraits.